Our experienced staff of attorneys, paralegals and office professionals are dedicated to offering complete claims handling of any and all issues pertaining to defending a workers' compensation claim.
Whether it is a quick claim closure, aggressive fraud intervention, claim reviews or special handling, we are here to satisfy your needs. Our commitment, knowledge, experience and service has made us one of the top Workers' Compensation defense law firms in California.
We have a proven success record in defending all types of Workers Compensation Cases. We represent our clients through the entire claims process and have a strong belief that communication is of the utmost importance.
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Law Offices of Schlossberg & Umholtz

A professional law firm specializing in Workers’ Compensation Defense Litigation throughout California.  

Law Offices of Schlossberg & Umholtz

Schlossberg & Umholtz is a California Law Firm specializing in Workers’ Compensation Defense. Our experienced team guides claims professionals and employers through the legal details of cases involving injuries, accidents, and illnesses on the job. Our counselors are experienced in Workers’ Comp Defense litigation, prepared to handle the complexities of claims for insurance carriers, third-party administrators, and employers across the state of California. Workers' Compensation laws change regularly, claims adjusters are often overworked, and each case is unique.  You need a firm that can quickly answer all of your questions regarding the current California Workers’ Compensation laws and a dedicated team that can defend your company’s interests.

California Workers’ Compensation Defense

Founded in 1998, Schlossberg & Umholtz operate offices throughout the state of California. Our team offers the legal advice and expertise needed to guide claims adjusters and companies into the best course of action, ensuring that the company’s rights, obligations, opportunities and challenges are addressed. Our practice includes the following areas:
  • Workers' Compensation Defense and Subrogation
  • Insurance Coverage and Litigation
  • Public Agency Defense
  • Mediation
Our legal team can help claims professionals with the following California Workers’ Compensation Defense issues:
  • Insurance Claims
  • Jobsite Injuries
  • Quick Claim Closure
  • Fraud Intervention
  • Claim Reviews
  • Special Handling
For more extensive and personalized information, please contact our offices and allow our team members to assist you directly.  

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