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At the Law Offices of Schlossberg & Umholtz, our attorneys understand the importance of your legal problem. They respond quickly to all your client needs and questions and provide updates immediately.

Our workers’ compensation lawyers service the Golden State of California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and San Diego and beyond.

At the Law Offices of Schlossberg & Umholtz, our attorneys understand how time-consuming a legal problem can become.  Our locations make it possible for us to respond quickly to your legal needs. Our attentive staff answers questions and provide updates immediately, because they realize the pressures and strain that claims adjusters, insurance companies, TPA’s, and businesses are often experiencing during the complicated process of defending against a claim. When your business becomes involved in a Workers’ Compensation claim, don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys as soon as possible.

Our team will provide you with the care and courtesy that you need during these complex circumstances. Our Corporate office, Los Angeles office, and Northern California office are fully staffed with professionals that are ready to assist you, no matter where in California you are located. The Law Offices of Schlossberg & Umholtz are conveniently located throughout California, allowing our specialized teams to provide the most direct service to clients from any corner of the state. Our office offers assistance and advice to Sacramento, San Francisco and all surrounding areas from our location in San Jose. When your company is facing a Workers’ Compensation issue, it’s vitally important to seek advice as soon as possible. Let our most convenient branch assist you in determining the best course of action for the circumstances. Please fill out the form to contact us today!