Our firm provides assertive representation for employers in all aspects of workers’ compensation and related matters. Our lawyers have learned how to move cases through the system quickly while vigorously representing employers’ interests in court. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest levels of legal representation.


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Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Our attorneys are able to provide assertive representation for insurance agencies, employers, and third party administrators in all aspects of litigation. As Workers’ Compensation specialists, our team knows how to move cases through the system quickly, while also vigorously representing our clients’ interests in court.

Locations Throughout All of California

With multiple branch offices, our firm represents clients from all over California. Our workers’ compensation attorneys advise claims adjusters, businesses, insurance companies, employers, or third-party administrators who are handling cases involving work-related accidents, illnesses, or injuries. Our attorneys evaluate litigation needs and provide a plan of action to meet those needs. Our firm can also help minimize costs and litigation, while also managing to keep the legal process as streamlined and efficient as possible. With experienced and knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation attorneys throughout California, we can assist and advise you with the complexities of California Workers’ Compensation laws, while aggressively protecting your rights.

Benefits of a Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Every workers’ compensation claim is unique, and claims adjusters need a trusted advisor. Consult our experienced attorneys; they can immediately help you navigate through the complications of the law and to determine the legal footing of any defense claim against work-related injury or illness. Our firm can advise you on the important issues, such as:

• Medical Benefits   •Permanent Disability    • Temporary Disability    • Death Benefits

• Compensable Consequences    • Penalties   • Settlements   • Trials


Experts in the Field of Workers’ Compensation

The Law Offices of Schlossberg & Umholtz and our workers’ compensation Defense attorneys are experts in the field, and we strive to share our knowledge with clients as we offer them the advice, guidance, support, and action that each case deserves. Our team members are constantly aware of and adapting to the ever-changing and complex laws that regulate our unique area of legal focus. We utilize the most effective methods of law practice as we work diligently to protect our clients.